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When is the Right Time to Replace your Window Coverings?

By Van Go Blinds- Inland Empire

August 23, 2021

It is often unclear when is the best time to replace your window coverings. Many times, people believe when updating your home all you need is new furniture, a new paint color, and/or a new rug. However, when was the last time you took a close look at your window coverings? Window coverings, just as many parts of your home, need updating from here and there. The following is a list of 6 reasons to upgrade your existing window treatments along with recommendations on updated window covering decisions.

  • New Windows

When replacing windows, it is imperative to replace the window coverings that you have presently. There are several reasons to change your windows, such as window damage, style, functionality, and solar needs. As the windows are replaced, it is important to acquire new window coverings that will fit the new windows correctly just in case the depth of the windowsill has changed. With the new windows installed, you can take advantage of matching the windows to the window coverings to support to the room’s functional needs for energy efficiency, light control and privacy.

  • Tattered Fabric Edges

Roller shades, after multiple years of use, may not break but are vulnerable to fraying over time. The fraying can be caused by harsh sunlight, constant use, or pet scratches. Whatever the reason may be, it is time to replace frayed fabrics with a new fresh pair of roller shades.

  • Faded Fabrics and Slats

After many years of use and exposure to heat, slats on your blinds or wood shutters may lose their color and begin to look yellow. The UV rays can discolor the material, which will make your shutters or blinds appear faded or aged.

  • Broken or Warped Slats

Faux wood blinds can bend when exposed for long periods to high heat, while wooden blinds will warp when exposed to moisture. Aluminum blinds will dent when you apply significant pressure. The damage will create an eyesore appearance, slats that will not close completely, and will be difficult to operate. If you notice that your blinds are damaged, it is the perfect time to start searching for new blinds.

While aluminum blinds may be a reasonable choice for offices or commercial settings, it is the best choice to avoid aluminum blinds due to the increased chance to dent, especially if you have children or pets who are tall enough to reach. They also usually have long cords, which create a choking hazard.

  • Difficult to Open Window Coverings

Are you having a difficult time opening your blinds and shades? If so, it means that the opening mechanisms are damaged or are worn out and need to be replaced. If your blind has cords and is not opening, the cords may be tangled or broken.

Having issues with loosely closing slats? Well maintained blinds will tilt to adjust the light and glare and close as required for privacy. However, if you detect more than normal light gaps from your windows, even after shutting your blinds completely, it's time to purchase new blinds.

The cause of loose slats may be due to a tilt mechanism becoming work out or the slats may be damaged. It is best to replace the entire unit rather than trying to find replacements for the slats and making certain they match the existing blind.

A new set of blinds eliminates any operation issues and the stress of being unable to lower or raise your blinds. If you have any old, motorized blinds or shades and are having technical problems, it may be time for a new and improved motorized mechanism, which ranges from rechargeable to smart home apps. Replacing outdated technology to enjoy opening and closing your window treatments is imperative.

  • Outdated Window Treatments

Do you think that your horizontal blinds are out of style? Upgrading your house to a contemporary and more modern style by purchasing Roller Shades or Shutters is a perfect way to bring your windows and home décor current.

Incredibly, you can discover blinds, shutters, and shades that meet your updated style while allowing natural light control, privacy, and beauty to your home. It is important to invest in custom window treatments that fit each window flawlessly. They're lovely not only to the eye but fit neatly in the window and are simple to operate



Honeycomb or cellular cordless shades or roller shades are an excellent upgrade because they're child-friendly, available in light-filtering to room darkening, and are flexible, very durable, and easy to clean.

If you reside in hot areas with a desert-like climate, it may be time to abandon the Faux Wood blinds and purchase solar Shades to assist in the comfortable temperature inside the home. Solar shades are excellent for sunny windows that have heat focused on the window for a significant time daily. You can choose from a range of opacities to filter light, heat, and harmful UV rays. If cutting energy costs is important to you, shades and blinds are the ideal choices because there are a variety of choices with solar insulation properties. The best part is that you can choose distinct window coverings for every room to serve the area's needs.

When placing your home for sale, having new window coverings are pleasant to the eye, and will assist in upgrading your home. Many homebuyers are more willing to give your house a chance if the window treatments are as new as the freshly painted walls in the rest of the house.

By switching your old blinds for motorized shades will bring elegance into your living room and bedroom. If you are feeling the need for a refresh in your home, updating your blinds from horizontals to shades or shutters is a perfect solution.


Where Should You Start?

Do you need new window coverings but don't know the first step? Van Go Blinds-Inland Empire has the perfect solution for you. To receive expert guidance on window coverings for a new look or upgrade on your current window coverings, schedule a free consultation with us today!

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